Customer satisfaction is a very important part of our Language Services, and we frequently establish long-term relationships with clients. Below are a number of comments on our services:

What clients say about our English Language Editing

‘Thanks…for the fine assistance…I received from you. Now the thesis has been sent for publication. I hope I can have your help with…future works.’
Researcher, Medicine

‘Please…accept our sincere thanks and admiration for a job well done!! We are all very much impressed by the quality of your work and will certainly refer more work to you in the future!’
Assistant Professor, Book

‘I…would like to express my gratitude with your work. As a consequence there will be more work sent to you from other members at our department.’

‘The remarks on the language in the paper were very positive so I want to use your Language Service again.’
Senior Lecturer

‘I just went through all the changes in the document and I am very pleased with them. I think the editor has done…very meticulous work and I would like to thank her/him…I really appreciate, and I will recommend your services to colleagues.’
Researcher, Business School

‘Thank you very much for sending the completed document. I have been very satisfied with your work both with this and my previous document…I will definitely contact you again with similar tasks.’
International Secretary, National pharmacy association

‘Thank you for a well done job. You have really seen a lot of possibilities to improve the text – details as well as grammatical errors. They forced me to think not only on linguistic issues, but also on content…’
Researcher, Business Administration

‘I am very pleased with the job you’ve done so far. It improves the text of course but also gives me some hints about the mistakes I make.’
Associate Professor, Psychology

‘I had my first publication…improved by your company. I was very satisfied, and I will be back with new manuscripts for correction.’
Researcher, Medicine

‘Thank you very much. It looks good and I am very happy for such a good and quick help.’
Researcher, Orthopaedic Surgery

‘Your excellent assisting in English language editing.’

‘Thanks for the work you’ve done with editing of a book chapter…I am very pleased with the work.’
Associate Professor, Psychology

‘Thanks a lot for your help – it has been a pleasure to co-operate with you.’

‘Thank you very much. Great work.’
Professor, Business School

‘Due to my great satisfaction with previous manuscripts, I send to you another manuscript.’
Assistant Professor, Orthopaedics

‘I want again to thank you for the excellent job you did with our…paper.’
Researcher, Medicine

‘Thank you very much for your patient, effective revision for my manuscript! The changes are very clear and easy to understand.’
Researcher, Geology, China

‘I have used your language services many times and I have always been pleased with your work.’
Professor, Psychiatry

‘A really excellent job.’

‘Thank you very much for your work on our text. We are indeed very satisfied with your job, and…I have learnt…about what adequate language-mastering means to the…readability of a text. Thank you…’
Researcher, Medicine

‘Thank you very much for your excellent work.’
PhD Thesis, Public Health

‘You will get my recommendation, and I will pass the word to my colleagues.’
Researcher, Medicine

‘Thank you so much for your excellent proofreading, and for doing the reading at such short notice.’

‘Great! Thank you.’
Professor, Ethnology

‘A friend of mine…recommended your language editing, she was so pleased!’
Researcher, Sports Medicine

‘I am most grateful for your professional work.’
Researcher, Medicine

‘Thank you for your valuable revision of my manuscript.’
Professor, Political Science

‘Thank you very much for the corrected document – I was very happy to see the result – very nice work!’

‘Thank you for editing our text. I’m very pleased with the result.’
Associate Professor, Economics

‘I have never worked “on-line” with translations before, but it was a very smooth exercise.’

‘I was very satisfied with your services.’
Researcher, Medicine

‘I’m very satisfied with the work you have done, thank you!’
Researcher, Geography

‘Thank you very much for a great job!’
Researcher, Public Health and Community Medicine

‘Some of my colleagues use your language editing service and they are very pleased with the results, therefore I am sending my article to you.’
Researcher, Logistics

‘Thanks for a very careful scrutiny of my text.’

‘I have had the pleasure of your help once before and I hope that you can help me again.’
PhD Student

‘Thank you very much for your help.’
Professor, Dentistry

‘Thank you, I am very pleased with your work.’
Researcher, Medicine

‘Thank you very much for your language editing.’
Researcher, Archaeology

‘Since I have been very pleased with your service earlier, I would like to order another language editing for an article I intend to publish.’
Postdoctoral researcher, Sociology

‘Thank you for a very impressive attitude.’
Researcher, Medicine

‘Thanks a lot for all your work. I am very satisfied with the result.’
PhD student, Linguistics

‘Very much appreciated and I will become a returning customer…You managed to straighten out problems we had discussed at length.’
‘Thank you! Good quality work…I especially appreciate the changes and comments suggested that go beyond just spelling. I have given your details to one of my colleagues who will be using your services shortly.’
Researcher, Logistics and Transportation

‘Many thanks for the prompt delivery. I find your language service of great value.’
Researcher and Consultant, Environmental Science

‘Many thanks for the…language check.’
Researcher, Environmental Science

‘Thank you for the proofread document. We really appreciate your quick response.’

‘Thanks…for proofreading my text. It was…excellent work.’
Professor, Geography

‘Thanks a lot for your professional help.’
Researcher, Medicine

‘I was very pleased with your service few months ago and now I’d like to order your service again.’
Researcher, Logistics and Transportation

‘Thank you very much!…I had my first glance at the result of your corrections…I am impressed and happy.’
Associate Professor, Orthopaedics

‘Thank you very much for your work.’
Researcher, Neurology

‘Many, many thanks.’
Professor, International Business School

‘I was very satisfied with your work – thank you.’

‘…let me extend my best thanks to you because of your helpful efforts and support.’

‘Thank you for your Language Services. I…look forward to working with you again in the future.’
Researcher, Ecology

‘I am very pleased with your work.’
Researcher, Psychiatry

‘[a] pleasure to use your services.’
Head of Department

‘I have used your editing help…earlier and I am very positive…Do you have the possibility to help me with my PhD thesis?’
Researcher, Logistics

‘Once again, thank you for the excellent work!’

‘Since I have been very pleased with your service earlier, I would like to order another language editing for an article I intend to publish.’
Researcher, Sociology

‘We [were] very pleased with your language services.’
Professor, Psychiatry

‘Thank you for…excellent work!’
Deputy Head of Department

‘Thanks for your detailed answers to my questions.’

‘Thank you for a great job with my texts!! I am very pleased.’
PhD student, Medicine and Rehabilitation

‘I…have learnt much English I didn’t know.’
Professor, Linguistics