A thesis or book is the result of a great deal of study and research, and often forms the basis of your future work. Language editing means that your text is in correct, publication-quality English.



How long does language editing take?

When you send your manuscript, we will reply by email telling you the price for your text and when it will be completed.

A thesis or book takes approximately 20 working days, depending on length.

Our express service below is available for urgent texts.



Express service

For urgent texts, we have a special express service. Express theses or books are generally completed in about half normal time. Please tell us your deadline when you send your text.

The price is simply twice the standard rate.



Planning time for language editing of your thesis or book

Finishing a thesis or book can be a stressful time, and it is therefore best to plan time in advance for language editing. Below are a number of recommendations based on our experience of editing longer texts:

  • Plan time for language editing. We normally recommend approximately 20 working days, depending on the length of the text. For urgent texts, we have a special express service
  • Consult the PhraseBook for Writing Papers and Research in English. This will help you avoid unnecessary errors
  • From experience, we recommend language editing of the complete text for a coherent final document. This is because a text undergoes several stages of editing, and there are often final changes that affect the whole of the thesis or book. For example, something in the last chapter may necessitate a change in the first chapter
  • Allow time after language editing for you to read through the corrected text