Language Editing Prices

The price of language editing is calculated by the number of words in a document:


British Pounds (GBP)


GBP 40 per 750 words


GBP 80 per 750 words

Prices are in British Pounds (GBP). To convert British Pounds to the approximate equivalent in your currency, click here


How much will my text cost?

To calculate the price for your text, divide the number of words by 750 to give the number of units; then multiply the number of units by GBP 40 for standard service or GBP 80 for express.

For example, a document of 3000 words costs GBP 160 for standard service and GBP 320 for express. A document of 6000 words costs GBP 320 for standard service and GBP 640 for express. Billing is in whole units; for example, if your text is 5000 words, your invoice will be for 7 units.

For a book or PhD or master’s thesis of for example 45,000 words, the price would be GBP 2400.

For very short texts we have a minimum fee of GBP 80.

There is no sales tax for customers outside the European Union or for VAT-registered universities, companies and organizations in the European Union outside the UK. For private individuals in the EU, prices are plus 20 percent VAT.

When you receive your completed document, you are sent an invoice in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format which you can pay by bank transfer or online by credit or debit card. We accept all major cards, including MasterCard, Visa, American Express, JCB, Eurocard and Maestro.


How long does editing take?

When you send your text, we reply by email telling you the price for your document and when it will be completed.

Texts take approximately ten working days to complete. A PhD or master’s thesis takes around 20 working days, depending on length.

If you have an urgent text, we recommend our express service below.


Express service

For urgent texts, we have a special express service. Express texts are generally completed in about half normal time. Please tell us your deadline when you send your text.

The price of our express service is GBP 80 per 750 words. For example, an express text of 3000 words costs GBP 320 and an express text of 6000 words costs GBP 640.